Before you buy your child a cell phone, you need to know this!

Three children in garden taking selfie on smartphone


There is no magic number when it comes to the right age child to get a cell phone
At what age a child will get a cell phone depends from child to child. When more children in the family, does not have to be that everyone will get a mobile phone at the same age. One will be ready with 11 and another with 15 years. In a decision when you buy your child the first mobile phone should take into account his mental maturity, needs, tendencies, how burdened school and extracurricular activities, and how the benefits package technology.

Be clear as to what a cell phone is used
Clearly explain to your child what a cell phone can be used which will change and expand as will the child grow, which will change and their needs. Open talk to your child about what will be the consequences if not properly use the cell phone. Think about the influence of the pressure (by your child and by the other parent) to your decision. When making a decision about buying the first cell phone to his parents in the first place should be the welfare of the child, but one should not give in to pressure environment.

Start child learn to use a cell phone before you buy it
Before i get a cell phone, many children are already using devices with games, applications and social networks. Phone as such is often used at least so pay attention to it and learn what other functions of mobile phones as it can show on their own mobiles.

Note that the entire family relations to technology
Not only children are becoming addicted to screens technological devices. And parents too often use mobile phones, computers and similar devices, and some of them are not aware of how much they use and that it turns into an addiction. Think about what kind of example provide the child, what kind of pattern of behavior you want to convey. Think about what kind of memories you want your child has and then decide how you are going as a family to use technology regulates.

On the purchase of a cell phone a child does not look exclusively as something negative
Parents often focus only on the negative aspects of giving a child a cell phone and allow the use of other technological devices, but new technologies and provide a lot of useful and welcomes. Entertainment and games, whether they are used in moderation, can bring a lot of fun, and cell phones make communication easier than ever before. Take this into account when considering whether the time your child is getting their first cell phone.

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